FCF: By the work of Jesus on the Cross, we have been changed from the condemned subjects of death into reigning
kings in life.
Proposition: Through Jesus Christ we are positioned to live our lives as royalty now in preparation for our eternal
reign with Him.
Objective: To encourage believers to live up to their potential as enthroned kings and queens through Jesus Christ.
How do you see yourself today? Do you see yourself as the condemned subject under the rule of your enemy Death?
That is the natural condition of every person. When Adam acted as our representative in the Garden, and ate the
forbidden fruit, he chose the kingdom of death for every person. “For if by the trespass of one man, death reigned
through that one man:” With this conditional clause Paul sets forth the natural domain into which all of us were born.
We were born under the reign of death—destined to die physically but already dead spiritually. This particular clause
is so structured that it assumes the truthfulness of the statement. This is the solemn reality of the human family—we
were born under the rule of death and live under that rule until we are delivered by another.
As you read the first book of the Bible, the evidence abounds for the truthfulness of this observation. Death reigns—
everyone is subdued by this terrible enemy in the end of life! Enoch is the only exception found in the first chapters of
human history, and he escapes only by a special act of divine grace.
But for some of you, the perspective is different. You have escaped the rule of death, and now you live as a king over
life. You are actually reigning because of what Christ Jesus accomplished. This One Man has ended the rule death
for you, and brought you into an abundant life. You have indeed passed from death to live. Is this not what He
promised to do, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they have life, and have it to the
full?” (John 10:10)
Let me make a confession to you—I don’t always live like royalty! I often live beneath my privilege as a king in the
kingdom of God. I will confess even more to you—I did not know that I was a king for a long time; or at least I did not
know what it meant to live like a king. In fact, I am still learning what Paul meant when he gave this “much more” of
divine grace: “how much more will those who receive God’s abundant provision of grace and of the gift of
righteousness reign in life through the one man, Jesus Christ.” Let’s explore this truth together. What we discover
could change the way we conduct our daily lives—we might even learn to live like a royalty.
Kings and Queens were the order of the day in Bible times. They knew nothing of democratically elected Presidents
and Prime Ministers. The people were accustomed to the status and ways of royalty. We are not as familiar with the
ways of royalty. Since we have become royalty, we may need an update on what this involves. If there is one word
that goes with royalty it would be the word abundance, at least it goes with those who have been given the status of
royalty by the grace of God.
1.        With an abundance of saving grace.
The grace that brought us into this status, the saving grace of our Lord, is abundant grace. Paul celebrated the
abundance of this grace in his testimony to Timothy when he wrote: “The grace of our Lord was poured on me
abundantly along with the faith and love that are in Christ Jesus.” (1 Timothy 1:14)
But could it be that God used up all of His grace when He saved us? Could it be that for the rest of life we are on our
own? Never! The surpassing grace that saved us is available with us for all of life.

“For the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men. It teaches us to say ‘No’ to ungodliness and
worldly passions, and to live self-controlled, upright and godly lives in this present age, while we wait for the blessed
hope.” (Titus 2:11, 12, 13)        
2.        With an abundance of serving grace.
One sphere in which we live and work as royalty is in our service to the Lord. Paul gave such an encouraging promise
concerning this in his second letter to the Corinthians. He wrote: “And God is able to make all grace abound to you,
so that in all things at all times, you will abound in every good work.” (2 Corinthians 9:8) Can you believe that? Catch
the key words in this remarkable promise. “Grace”—that is God’s generous provisions. “All” points to the utter
sufficiency of the divine provision. “Abound”—this points to an overflowing abundance in this provision. “All things”
and “all times”—this touches every circumstance or opportunity that may come your way. “Every good work”—this
includes any act of service that you may attempt for the Lord.
Plenty of grace will be available in every circumstance. Grace will never run out.
To illustrate this point Donald Grey Barnhouse referred to a memorable part of the Second World War in the Pacific.
Some of you will remember the plight of our military that was stationed in the Philippines in the early days of the War.
You will remember that even though they fought bravely and made the conquest of the Japanese difficult, they finally
were forced to surrender. The United States was in no position to send them the support and resources that they
needed to win this struggle at that point in the War.
Things changed later. The United States geared up for War, and became strong enough militarily to begin to
pressure the Japanese in the Pacific. When the Americans launched their campaign in the Solomon Islands, the
Secretary of War was able to say to the American mothers whose sons were being sent to fight the war: “There is
twice as much food as the soldiers can eat; there is twice as much ammunitions as the soldiers can fire; there are
twice as many doctors and nurses as would ordinarily be needed in any military engagement; there are twice as many
medical supplies as could be needed; there are twice as many airplanes as are possessed by the enemy. We are
prepared for every contingency.” And as best he could tell, he was stating the truth.
The one we serve has given us an even greater assurance. He has promised us that we have everything we need in
pursuing a life of service under His rule. We are going forth with the kind of abundance that only royalty could expect.
We have more than enough in His grace and presence.
3.        With an abundance of sustaining grace.
But the promise reaches beyond our service—it includes any experience of suffering that may come our way. We can
face the suffering with the assurance that we will have an abundance of grace to sustain us in the suffering. This was
the assurance the Lord gave to Paul when he found himself in the grip of pain that would not go away.  “But he said
to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.’” (2 Corinthians 12:9)
This is our confidence: No suffering or problem will befall us for which we do not have more than enough grace.
When we run out of resources, his grace will supply all that we need in that moment.
So we live like royalty—our lives are evidence of the abundance of our Lord’s grace. We are more than conquerors
through Him that so loved us and graced us!
There is a certain confidence that marks royalty. You watch the royal family in England as they perform their duties.
They are not arrogant, but they do present themselves as persons with assurance.
1.        With an assurance about who we are.
This one of the things that marks royalty—they know who they are. They know that they are royalty. In most cases
they were born to their position. They are able to provide for you a genealogy that proves their right to rule.

This is what God’s saving grace has done for us—it has changed our relationship with God. While we were once
strangers, and even enemies of His throne, we are now His adopted children, and join-heirs with the Lord Jesus
Christ. John put it so beautifully in his first epistle, “How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we
should be called children of God. And that is what we are!” (1 John 3:1-2a) And that is what we are!! Can you believe
it? This is a part of what it means to live like royalty; you live with an inner assurance about who you are.
When I was a student in college, this truth helped me. The life of the university was a strange and intimidating place to
this country boy. In midst of the things I often felt out of place and wondered why I was there. I can remember walking
across campus saying to myself, “D. L. lift up your chin, put a smile on your face. You are a child of God. You may be
from Chinquapin, on Rural Route 2, but you are the son of the eternal, living God. Don’t be afraid.”
2.        With an assurance of what we have.
Did you catch the word “righteousness” in this statement? God has not only provided abundant grace; He has given
us “the gift of righteousness.” This is important! Righteousness is what God requires for acceptance before Him.
Righteousness is what gives you access to the holy presence of God. This is what we have been given. We can walk
through this dark world with assurance because we know what we have. We have all that is required to stand in the
favor of God and to gain access to His presence—righteousness!
Never did an earthly king have more in his earthly possession on which he could depend.
This brings us to the practical aspect of living like royalty. While the abundance and assurance are impressive, the
most vital thing in living like royalty is the authority that goes with the position. We are no longer under the control of
death, sin, and the devil, but instead exercise a certain authority under the lordship of our Savior. It is important that
we understand the practical implications of this authority. To be sure, it is delegated authority, delegated to us by the
reigning Lord Jesus, but it is authority. You are somebody through Him!
1.        Over our personal lives.
If Queens exercise authority, and you are a Queen, where do you exercise your authority? You exercise it over your
This is a remarkable insight into the saving work of Christ. Before we became followers of Jesus, we were under the
control of indwelling sin and the devil. Our will was in bondage to them so we were totally disabled, unable to break
free from their control. But when you became a follower of Jesus, your will was liberated. You now truly have free will,
and you are able to make choices you could not make before.
In the very next chapter in Romans, Paul urges us to exercise our royalty; to use our liberated will to make an
important choice. He writes, “Therefore do not let sin reign in your mortal body so that you obey its evil desires.” (6:
12) You now have the authority to say “no” to the temptations that comes as desires to indulge your sinful nature.
You now have the authority to say “yes” to the impulses of the Spirit within to present your body to be used in the
service of Holy God. There is not only the authority to make the choice; there is also the power to carry through on
the choice. Holy living is now an option in your life. You now have the authority to exercise lordship under Christ over
the members of your own body.
2.        Before God.
Do I dare state the implications of this? You now have the authority to stand before God in worship and intercession.
You are a “royal priesthood”. (1 Peter 2:9) This means that you are a priest with authority. You do not come before
God as a poor beggar. You do not come as “just any old sinner saved by grace.” Rather you come as royalty. You
come to the King of kings, but you are one of the kings. You have authority before God—not over God—but before
3.        In our conflicts with the enemy.
Time limits us, but let me mention just one other realm over which you have authority. You have authority over the
adversary. While we were formerly his willing subjects, we now have authority over him. He will acknowledge it
reluctantly, but because of your relationship to Christ, you now exercise authority over the realm of darkness. You are
royalty! By the mighty name of Jesus you can command even the demons of Hell, and they will obey.

It is all received as a gracious gift by faith. This is important. We have not worked ourselves up to royalty, or earned it.
Rather we have received it as a gift from God. When you receive Jesus is Savior, this is one of the benefits that He
brings with Him.
It is all received through what Jesus accomplished as the One Man. This is the thrust of this whole chapter. The deed
of Adam plunged all of us into darkness and death, brought down on our heads the curse, but the deed of the One
Man Jesus has freed us from the kingdom of terrors. It is has brought us into a kingdom of life, freedom, and royalty.
It is all received by faith. How about you? Are you weary of being the puppet in a kingdom of death? Are you ready for
life? It is available to all who will receive it. It is bought and paid for! Receive is the critical word—open your life to this
gracious provision of God and you will join a royal company.
So let’s go out and live like royalty, heavenly royalty. Since we are destined to reign with Christ in eternity, it is
important that we begin to live like royalty now—right here today!