LUKE 2:1-7

Phillips Brooks, the Boston pastor, wrote the words of a favorite Christmas hymn:
O little town of Bethlehem,
How still we see thee lie!
Above thy deep and dreamless sleep
The silent stars go by:
Yet in thy dark streets shineth
The everlasting Light;
The hopes and fears of all the years
Are met in thee tonight.
For Christ is born of Mary:
And gathered all above
While mortals sleep, the angels keep
Their watch at wond’ring love.
O morning stars, together
Proclaim the holy birth,  
And praises sing to God the king,
And peace to men on earth.
It is a matter of history—Bethlehem slept through Christmas. God visited their village and they missed it completely.
We have focused on the innkeeper that did not find room for the traveling couple from Nazareth, but what about the
whole town? The inn was not the only place one could spend the night in Bethlehem. They blew it! They missed it!
Each home in Bethlehem had the opportunity to have God take on flesh in their house, but they missed it.
Are we in danger of missing God? Could it be that we will take the children to see Santa, but will miss God completely
this Christmas? Let us allow Bethlehem to be a warning to us.  It is rather obvious why they missed Him—things
haven’t changed that much. We still miss Him for the same reasons.
Contrast what happened in Bethlehem with what happened in the temple forty days later when Mary and Joseph
went to the temple to present the Newborn Christ. When they arrived in the temple, they were greeted by a joyous
welcome from two faithful souls—Simeon and Anna. Both of them had been waiting in the temple week after week in
expectation of the appearance of the Messiah. Yet there was no Anna or Simeon in Bethlehem. Why? They were not
1.        They were not listening the Word of God.
Eight hundred years earlier God had spoken concerning Bethlehem. He had spoken through Micah that the Messiah
would be born in this little Judean village. So for eight hundred years they had known that He was coming, and yet
they were not ready. When He came they missed him. They had not been listening to what He had said in His word
concerning them. Had they heard the promise so often that it had just become too familiar, they were no longer
excited about it?
Are we listening? Does not the Lord still speak through His word? Our generation has laid the Bible aside as having
nothing to say to them. We are the most Biblically illiterate people to ever live in this country. The men and women
who established this country were a people of the Book. Even those who did not believe were familiar with its
teachings. But not us! Not our children and grandchildren! Not our neighbors! We are in danger of missing God
because we are not listening to His Word.
If Bethlehem had been listening to the Word of God, they would not have missed Him that Christmas. He would never
have been born in a cow-stall and laid in a manger. If we are listening to the Word of God, we will not miss Him.
2.        They were not listening to the Spirit of God.
The thing that set Simeon and Anna apart was that they were full of the Holy Spirit. They were listening to both the
Word and the Spirit, but Bethlehem was listening to neither. Of Simeon Luke writes, “And the Holy Ghost was upon
him.” And, “He came by the Spirit into the temple”. This good man was a part of the believing remnant that was
waiting for the Messiah. Evidently there were no citizens of Bethlehem in this remnant. There was no one there
listening to the Spirit as He prepared those who were to welcome the Son of God has He arrived on earth for His
mission of Redemption.
What about us? Are we listening to the Spirit? Have we heard His quiet voice as He speaks of the Savior? O, we do
not want to sleep through Christmas. We do not want to miss God.
There were other things going on in Bethlehem—there are always other things going on. The temptation to become
preoccupied with lesser things is always with us.
1.        They preoccupied with the requirements of government.
Does this sound familiar? Rome was the government of the day. The
Caesar was Augustus, and he had issued a governmental decree that disrupted many lives, including Mary and
Joseph. The decree required a registration of the people for the purpose of taxation.
Actually, even though Augustus knew nothing of it, God was using his decree to get Mary to the proper place to give
birth to her Son. God had already decreed that the Messiah would be born in Bethlehem, and His word must stand.
This must have created something of a homecoming atmosphere in Bethlehem. People who had moved away were
coming back to register. The registration was the hot topic of conversation when the men gathered for their morning
cup of coffee. This was a major disruption. Who would think that God would come in the midst of such a disruption?
Everyone was so busy doing what Rome required that they missed God. They took care of their obligation to the
despised Romans, but missed the Lord of heaven.
Is this not a danger for all of us? We are taking care of so many obligations that we miss the most important thing
going on—a visit from God.
2.        They were preoccupied with the demands of life.
Everyone in Bethlehem had their own set of problems. We pick on the innkeeper but he was just typical of the whole
village. He had an inn to run, guests to take care of, and a family to feed. He was so caught up in the affairs of his
world that he did not notice anything different about the couple standing at his door looking for a place to spend the
night. Without a lot of thought he turned them away to find a place in the stable near the inn. He had other fish to fry!
But so did everyone else in Bethlehem!
Do you want to defend the citizens of Bethlehem? How were they supposed to know that Mary was the Virgin that the
prophet Isaiah had foretold? How were they supposed to know that her Son was to be the Savior of Israel and the
world? Everything about them seemed so ordinary. But it always does.
God works through little things in unexpected ways to come to us. If we are not paying attention, we will miss him. We
must not allow the demands that surround us to cause us to miss God! There will never be another opportunity like
this for this little town of David for they had their day of opportunity to be saved and missed it. Do you realize that as
far as we know from the Gospels, Jesus never returned to Bethlehem.
What are you allowing to crowd out your Christmas?  
Every Jewish person had a vague expectation of a Messiah—you could not live in Israel and not have one. Usually
these expectations were formed more by popular ideas and tradition than by the word of the Lord. Without question
the people of Bethlehem never expected it to happen the way it did. The event itself did not meet their expectations
so they missed God. They slept right through the greatest night this planet has ever known, even though it was
happening right on their doorstep.
1.        They expected Him to come like Royalty.
While they knew the tradition that the Messiah would come from their town, they expected the Messiah to be a royal
figure. If He was the Son of David, would he not come like a king? Yet when it happened, his parents did not look like
royalty. Joseph had the calloused hands of a common laborer; Mary looked like any young peasant maiden from
Galilee. There definitely was not a halo around her head.
And the Messiah, He was just a baby; wrapped in some ordinary cloth, and lying in a manger. There was nothing to
indicate that this was the birth of the Messiah. They missed Christmas—slept through the whole thing—because they
were misled by their expectations.
What about you? Do you have a set of expectations that has kept you from receiving the Messiah and Savior? Have
you allowed your prejudices to form in you some expectations that cause you to miss God? God may not come to
you dressed the garments you expect. You better be prepared to receive Him whether he meets your expectations
or not.
2.        They expected Him to come with Power.
Their expectation was that the Messiah would come in a display of power, particularly military power. When David
had reigned as king, he was a mighty military leader. No enemy was able to stand before him. Surely this promised
Son of David would display even greater Power. But what did they have? A baby! Just a baby—the son of a peasant
girl from Galilee! A baby! He could lead no army. He was no threat to Rome. He was just a baby!!
It never occurred to them that the Messiah would be born as a baby, as the firstborn son of a peasant girl from
Galilee. It couldn’t be! They missed Christmas because of these misguided expectations.
Has Jesus been less than you expected, or at least different from what you expected? This is true for many people.
They admit that there is a need for someone to save the world, but a Jew who lived two thousand years ago? A
Jewish teacher who was crucified? How could He be the One we need? We are in danger of missing God because of
our wrong expectations.
Is this not a tragic story? God took on flesh in their town one night, and they slept through it. Any one of them could
have had him born in their front room, but instead he was born in a stinking barn. They could have been there to
help his mother, but instead it all happened without any human assistance—except that of a faithful but frightened
young husband. Think what an opportunity the midwives of Bethlehem missed!
Will you meet God this Christmas? Are you listening to His Word and His Spirit? Are ready to obey the promptings of
the Spirit as He calls on you to receive the Messiah and Savior? Are you ready to set Him in His proper place, give to
Him the first place in the matters of your heart? Are you ready to surrender your expectations, and to give him the
freedom to do things His way?
O it is urgent that you not miss God this Christmas. How can you make sure that you do not miss Him?
First, make sure that worship is a priority during this season. Open your life to His Word. Give the Spirit an
opportunity to speak to your heart as you join others in worship. He will come to you just like He came to Bethlehem!
Second, Make room in your home for Him this Christmas. Make sure that the family gathering includes a recognition
and worship of Him. Don’t get some involved with the bustle of Christmas that you forget the reason for the season.
Third, renew your commitment to Him. If you have never acknowledged Him as your Savior, this is the season to do
it. Don’t be like Bethlehem. It is the very nature of life that we have only a few opportunities to really be saved. This is
one of them for you. Don’t miss it. He may never come your way again.
May the Christ of Christmas find a place in your heart and home this Christmas.