EXODUS 8:25, 28; 10:8-11; 10:24

When you look at the Exodus account through Christian eyes, you should be able to see more than just a piece
of ancient history.   The New Testament allows us to see our own spiritual experience being unfolded in this
deliverance of Israel.  In looking at it through Christian eyes you need to be able to identify the primary
personalities and powers at work.

The Pharaoh represents our adversary, Satan.  Just as he ruled over a kingdom of darkness that sought to
enslave human beings, so our adversary rules over a kingdom of darkness and is determined to keep every
human soul in bondage.  

Egypt represents the world system in which we live.  Just as Egypt was under the dominion of the Pharaoh, and
served his evil purposes, so this world system is under the dominion of God’s adversary, Satan, and seeks to
fulfill his evil purposes.  The world becomes the instrument that the adversary uses in keeping human spirits in
continuing bondage.  
Moses represents the Savior, the deliverer.  Just as Moses brought the people out of the land of bondage, so
the Lord Jesus seeks to bring human spirits out of spiritual bondage. He is a greater deliverer than Moses since
he can deliver from spiritual bondage as well as physical bondage.

Israel represents the people of God.  They became the people of God in a very special way as they were
delivered by Moses from the Pharaoh and from Egypt.  Even so we are the people of God because we have
been delivered from the adversary of God and from the world system over which he is the reigning king.  When
we put these elements together it puts a whole new perspective on this important section of scripture.

One of the things that the Pharaoh sought to do,
when it became obvious that God was in the process of delivering His people, was to offer a compromise.  In four
different settings he offered to Moses an unacceptable compromise.  As the confrontation between the
oppressor and the deliverer continued it became obvious that no compromise would be accepted.  You can
anticipate that the adversary of your soul, if he becomes aware that he is about to lose your service, will offer
you some compromises.  In fact, his compromises may sound very much like those that the Pharaoh offered to

Let’s study those four compromises in their text so we can come to the place that we too can declare with Moses
long ago, “No compromise! Not a hoof will be will be left!”


This was the first compromise that the Pharaoh offered to Moses.  It came in the midst of one of the painful
humiliating moments that the Pharaoh would experience under the plagues.  He had been terribly afflicted by the
flies that filled his palace and the house of his officials.  When he had all that he could take of the flies, he
summoned Moses and said to him, “Go, sacrifice to your God here in the land.”  He was prepared to allow Moses
and the people of Israel to build an altar and to present worship to God as long as they did not leave the land of
Egypt.  Moses found this offer to be totally unacceptable.

The reason that Moses presented for rejecting the offer was valid.  He reminded the Pharaoh that the Egyptian
people would find the sacrifices of the Israelites very offensive. “The sacrifices that we offer the Lord our God
would be detestable to the Egyptians.  And if we offer sacrifices that are detestable in their sight, will they not
stone us?”  (Exodus 8:26). There are recorded incidences in history in which this very thing happened.  The
manner in which the Hebrews offered sacrifices and the animals they sacrificed were very offensive to the
Egyptian people.  However it is likely that Moses had even another idea in mind when he presented this reason
to the Pharaoh.  He was there to lead the people of Israel out of bondage –not just to hold a sacrifice.

If the enemy perceives that you are determined to become a Christian, he will suggest to you that you go ahead
and make your public profession of faith and follow the Lord in Baptism but don’t break any of your ties to this
world.  Offer your sacrifices to God but maintain your citizenship in Egypt.  There can be no compromise at this
point!  When Jesus Christ calls us to discipleship, it is a call to put the world with all its attractions behind us.  You
cannot become a true follower of Jesus Christ and maintain friendship with the world at the same time.  There are
too many tragic illustrations of people who have tried to do exactly this only to bring great harm to themselves
and to others in the process.  There can be no compromise!

The second offer of compromise came not long after the first.  When it became obvious the Pharaoh that he was
not going to be able to withstand the pressure placed upon him by the Lord God of Moses, he said to Moses, “I
will let you go to offer sacrifices to the Lord your God in the desert but you must not go very far.  Now pray for
me.” (Exodus 8:28).  He was willing to concede that they go a short way from the Egyptian border but they must
not get out of his reach.  They must always be in a position where he can surround them with his army and bring
them back to their slave responsibilities in the land of Egypt.  He is not ready to let them go completely.  

Our spiritual adversary will offer us the same compromise.  If you are going to become a Christian he will suggest
that you not over do it.  It is alright to acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord, if you don’t really take it that seriously.  
You must not go all the way and become regular in church attendance, studious in the Word of God, regular in
your prayer times, faithful in your service to Him, public in your acknowledgement of Him as Lord, regular in your
deeds of service to your fellowman in His name.  Become a Christian but don’t overdo it.  

Have you ever heard this offer from the adversary?  I’ve heard this subtle suggestion more times than I can
count. I must confess that sometimes I may even have conceded the point with the adversary.  I would
acknowledge Jesus as Lord, but not get far enough away from the world and its ties that the enemy could not
drag me back into the old way.  There can be no compromise with the enemy!  If Jesus is to be Lord at all, then
He must be Lord over all.  If you are to leave the world behind, then you must leave it behind completely.  This is
the commitment that God called for in the Christian life.

This third compromise came some time later as the plagues are being poured out upon the Pharaoh.  The
Pharaoh felt the pressure again to let the people of Israel go so he asked Moses: “Who will be going?”  

When Moses indicated to him that everyone would be going – the young and the old, their sons and daughters,
with everything that they owned—this was unacceptable to the Pharaoh.  So, he offered another compromise.  

He told Moses that if he were to allow everyone to go, he knew for sure that Moses and the Israelites would not
return to Egypt.  So he said, “No!  Have only the men go; and worship the Lord since that is what you have been
asking for.”  

It was an obvious ploy on the part of the Pharaoh.  His objective has not changed.  He is still determined to keep
the men of Israel in bondage as slaves in his Egyptian system.  He has no intention of allowing them to be free
from his bondage.  He knows that if he can keep the women and the children, then the men will return.  So, his
offer is that only the men go to the desert to worship.

Our adversary offers the same compromise.  He will in his own subtle way suggest that you devote yourself to the
Lord, but you should not become overly concerned about your children.  You make your faith such a personal
thing between you and God that it is not allowed to impact the life of your family. The truth is obvious that if your
family is not involved with you in your commitment to God, they will always be a source of difficulty in your walk
with God.  There can be no compromise at this point!  You must be ready to say with Joshua of old, “As for me
and my house we will serve the Lord!” or you can just say it with Moses, “No! We must all go or no one goes!”  
There can be no compromise.  When you make a commitment to God you commit everything that is part of your
life including your family.

The last compromise offer by Pharaoh to Moses was that he indeed, “Go worship the Lord, even your women
and children may go with you; only leave your flocks and heard behind.”  For them to leave their flocks and
herds behind was for them to leave their wealth and their calling behind.  Even though they have been involved
in making bricks for the Pharaoh for some time their true calling was that of the shepherd.  They could not leave
their flocks and herds behind.  If they were to serve God with all their hearts then that would include utilizing their
vocation, their calling, and their possessions.

Have you ever heard this offer of compromise from the adversary?  It will usually offer a short cut to the Christian
life that does not include making Jesus Lord over your business.  It will offer a short cut that does not include
faithful stewardship of your possessions!  There can be no compromise with such an offer.  When we go to
worship God we must take everything that we are.  Who knows what He will want from us.  We are to be prepared
to sacrifice to Him anything and everything that we possess if we are going to truly worship Him.

We must keep in mind the ultimate objective of the adversary.  The ultimate objective of the adversary is to keep
us in bondage.  He wasn’t nearly as concerned about the acts of worship done by the Egyptians as he was their
continuing to serve his evil purposes.  They are to be his agents in his evil empire. He does not want to let them
go.  Satan does not want to let you go.  This world system does not want to let you go.  If you are to break away
from this world system and find spiritual freedom, you must be ready to make no compromise with the adversary!  
You must respond to every offer he makes with a resounding “NO!”  There can be no quibbling about the terms
of your commitment to the Lord.  There can be no fine print in the contract.  It must all be open and up front.  
Jesus is Lord of all or He is not Lord at all.

No compromise!  No compromise with the adversary!  No compromise with the world!  No compromise with
reference to our family.  No compromise with reference to our job!  No compromise with reference to our
possessions.  This is what God expects and what we must give to Him.