I’d spent a good part of my life in the Church, we were there anytime the door was open, but in later years i began to drift away not only from church but also from god. As you said a few weeks ago in a we" pulling away when you know your not doing right" or words to that affect. I’ve spent several years in a sort of vegetative state spiritually!! 

Late last year my daughter & son in law invited me to attend a worship experience here at LifeChurch. My reaction was kind of yeah well maybe someday but not right now. Finally I decided ok maybe I’ll go this week just to see, the kids had been telling me what an awesome experience LifeChurch was. I should have listened to them earlier!!!

What i found was not the limp hand shake & obligatory smiles that i had seen so many other places, id found folks that were truly glad to see me ,i was even invited to attend the new years party on my second Sunday visiting!! People that weren’t hesitant about not only shaking your hand but giving a great big hug!! Ya know I don’t think the lord is going to shake our hands when we see him face to  face...just my way of thinking!!!

Anyway since first attending LifeChurch my walk with the lord has grown has grown by leaps & bounds ,I still have many shortcomings in my life, but now I’m looking toward god & he’s helping me to deal with them. I never thought when i began the fasting season that god would start to work so quickly in my life!!!

Thank you pastor ken for you leadership & untiring spirit, I daily thank god for you, Philip, Kendrick, Mike & all the wonderful folks at LifeChurch!!!

Thank you for loving me in Christ.......Chris